Music Night Take 2

Last Friday was music night again, no prevarication, no whinging about the weather, just a quick pint and a bus into town.

Now if you’re of a certain age you’ll remember when Westerns were a staple part of British TV output. Every Saturday and Sunday would feature an old Western at some point during the day and there were two things you wanted from the movie. Red Indians (I apologies for using this term but it’s what they were called before it was un-PC) and a huge bar room fight with chairs being smashed on peoples heads, whiskey bottles flying across the room and dancing girls screaming and hiding behind the pianist.

Well Friday night was musically as near to that as I’m ever likely to get. And there were no Native American within a thousand miles. The band were the 309’s and they play a swing, rockabilly country fusion which you just can’t help tapping you feet too while suppressing a full throated YeeHaa !!


It was great entertainment but at the same time I was waiting for a black clad bad guy to walk through the doors, accuse someone of cheating at poker and for it all to kick off. I even considered ordering shots of whisky!

And top it all off they had a slide guitar player who also rocked a mean fiddle and a bear of a man slapping a double bass !!


So once again drinking our beer , saddling up and moseying on from our safety zone paid dividends. After a sitar and slide guitar I’m really wondering what instrument I’m going to be introduced to next?


You can check out the bands website here

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