Sometimes You Just Need to Look Up

I was trying to photograph some Teal on the river earlier this week and was getting a bit frustrated as they were staying just out of range. Starting to think I would try later I happened to look up in the field on the opposite bank and was surprised to find I was being watched.


She looked me up and down then calmly strolled away before turning round for one last check.



A Nuthatch Spring Clean

Spent a brilliant hour watching this little chap(ess) clearing out the nest site ready for spring.

The nuthatch is a plump bird about the size of a great tit that resembles a small woodpecker. It is blue-grey above and whitish below, with chestnut on its sides and under its tail. It has a black stripe on its head, a long black pointed bill, and short legs. It breeds in central and southern England and in Wales, and is resident, with birds seldom travelling far from the woods where they hatch. They get their name from the habit of wedging a piece of food in a crevice and hacking away till it breaks. The Nuthatch will either use a hole in a tree or wall, or take over an abandoned nest. The hole may be reduced in size by plastering it with mud. The nest is made from bark chips and dead leaves. I think this one was at the plastering stage. Going to be keeping my eye on this site, I’m guessing the little ones will be fun when they fledge.





Yorkshire Sculpture Park (the best bit)

Now to be honest I did have a slight ulterior motive to wanting to visit the park……..someone told me there was a nesting heron!!!

Well they lied, there are a whole bunch of nesting herons on an island in the lake!!!!

The nests are huge and there are probably ten to twelve and on each one is a pair of huge herons. Simply stunning.

h1 h3 h9

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

As you know I’m not much of an art buff but its been Half Term here last week so I took a day off so we could have a day out. The Yorkshire Sculpture park is one of those places that’s on your door step but you never get round to visiting so off we finally went.

The park is is an open-air gallery¬† showing work by British and international artists, including Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth. The park’s collection of works by Moore is one of the largest open-air displays of his bronzes in Europe.

There is plenty of works to see but the majority are piles of bricks or collections of metal along side pretentious descriptions of what the artist believes they represent. Personally I don’t get it but if that’s what you like then its fine by me. There were a couple we liked but the majority left me scratching my head.

IMG_3351 IMG_3365 IMG_3371 IMG_3366

A Photographers Dilemma

As you may know I quite often spend my lunch hours out and about with the camera and usually I just take one of my smaller lenses. Well last week I had two separate occasions when the Iron Giant would have greatly enhanced some shots of a couple of new birds.

The Goldcrest is the smallest UK bird and not only is it hard to spot, when you finally do they certainly don’t sit still and pose for photographs. I managed a couple of pics but at the edge of my range, curse you Iron Giant!!



Then to cap it off the very next day I spotted my first Grey Wagtail. She was bathing and preening and the photographer took over from the gentleman (who would have averted his eyes) and snapped away. Again she was at the edge of my range and I’m sure these would have been cracking with the Giant attached.




So today I will be investing in a bigger camera bag so the Iron Giant is always to hand !!!! But it also ensures I keep trying to improve and means I’ll go back and have another go.

Dog Day Morning

Well what a miserable grey, dank dreary day it is in Yorkshire today. Yuck.

Wifey’s under the weather so I took the dogs for a stroll in the local park and took a couple of snaps of them for a change.



Hats Off Time

I decided to have a go at catching some birds in flight and quite frankly I doff my cap to those photographers who nail these shots. I almost fell in the canal a few times spinning round to track the birds and not concentrating on where I was. Got a couple which weren’t too bad but something to keep trying I think.



Where Did the Water Go

Yesterday I had to pop into town at lunchtime so I thought I’d park by the canal as there’s usually some ducks and geese around and I might get a few pictures.

Someone had pulled the plug and the canal was almost dry !!!! It seems they’re doing¬†some repairs before the boating season starts.