Who’d Be a Parent

Out for a walk today and came across a couple of trees full of newly fledged long tailed tits. I think there were 6 or 7 but hard to count as they flitted around. Poor old mum and dad were frantically flying from one to the other feeding their brood.





Bempton Cliffs Yorkshire

Bird nerd heaven! Bempton Cliffs is an RSPB reserve on the East Yorkshire coast and home to over 250,000 birds (and twice as many flies!!!).

Every nook, cranny, rock and hole is covered in birds, Gannets, guillemots, razorbills, puffins, fulmars and gulls of every type nudge, bump and bully to claim a spot. How they manage to breed, sleep, feed and rear young on these tiny patches is amazing.

neighboursThe gannets soar overhead often with mouths full of fish or nesting material.

gannet10The puffins find holes in the rocks in which to nest.

3Guillemots and razorbills perch on the edge.guuillemot1razorbill1And if the Yorkshire suns beats down a friend will always provide some cooling shade.


300 Images Two Winners

Yesterday I visited a local site well known for being a good place to photograph Red Kites. I took just over 300 images and when I got home and was reviewing them I was getting a little frustrated. Lots of distant shots, lots of out of focus shots. lots of blank sky shots and lots of under lit and dark shots. Then BINGO. Two shots together that made up for the dross.kite