We’re going to see who?

This was my first reaction when the wife told me we were going to see Paul Simon and Sting in concert. I think my next response was along the lines of who on earth thought that would be a good idea!!

Well they were right what an inspired idea. Paul Simon wrote the songbook of a generation and Sting with the Police certainly got me bopping toward the end of school and through University. I wasn’t too sure about Stings solo work as I wasn’t a big fan but hey ho I’m going to hear Paul Simon sing The Boxer!!!!!

The set up of the concert was that both acts started on stage together and then alternated solo spots with a duet linking the changeovers. It was brilliant. Paul Simon covered all the classics and even threw in Homeward Bound as he’d written it in a nearby railway station. Topped off with a generous portion of Gracelands, one of my favourite ever albums I was grooving with the oldies. Sting threw in a good portion of Police classics which made me happy although Roxanne (which I was particularly looking forward too) didn’t really hit the spot.

3 hours and 36 songs later we emerged into the Manchester evening silly grins on our faces and Cecilia playing in our ears. Top night, now I wonder if they can get Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel together for a tour!!!!

Many apologies for the pics we were right at the back and my phone’s camera is rubbish.20150413_201641 20150413_223236

iPod Challenge Update 6

Well I managed to get through lots of the C’s on a nine hour round trip drive to London on Saturday.

Too many female singer songwriters in the mix for my liking but a few albums re-visited from years ago. It does make me wonder where some of them came from.

Miss Aguilera added some raunch, the Commitments some soul and the Coral some catchy pop.

Not too sure listening to 4 Coldplay albums one after the other is wise though after a 5am start.

iPod Challenge Update 4

As I’ve finally made it through the B’s I’d like to begin this update with an apology to the four members of B*Witched for maybe being a little harsh on them.
I apologies for being rude before I re-visited your one album on my iPod at least you’re not as dull as Bon Jovi. In fact I thoroughly enjoyed your slice of pop.


I’m not going to list everything in my B selection as that would just be a long list, however it totalled 36 albums and just over 400 songs.

Highlights included Blondie (another pin up from my teenage years), Bats for Lashes (how can you resist a song featuring someone playing a saw) and the two rocking bands the Black Keys and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

Obviously the Beatles made up a big chunk of the songs but there really is no excuse for Revolution Nine no matter what you’ve been smoking or sucking off a tab !!!!

Apart from a couple of old classics Bread was a bit dreary, Bare Naked Ladies brought back some great holiday memories and Dylan was just Dylan.

So on to the C’s.

Catatonia, Christine Aguilara, The Cribs, Clannad and…….Celine Dion !!!!!

Wish me luck !!!

Music Night Take 3

Well Friday night transported me back to the late 70’s and my teen rocker years.

The Jokers blew me away. A classic four piece, bass, axeman, drummer and a vocalist with charisma and a rock voice. Really what more do you need. It was old school rock and blues, tight fast and loud. Foot stomping good. I had to fight the urge to punch the air, whip out my air guitar and make rock fists.


Apparently it was the drummers first night but you would never have known. The lead guitarist has a touch of Angus marching down the pub, chest bared and axe held high.


And I don’t think you can go wrong with a bearded, bald bass player (take that alliteration fans)

If they’re playing at a venue near to you get your ass down and have a brilliant night, unless like my drinking partner you like Chris De Burgh then it might be a bit too loud and a bit too much like a good time.


Check out a video of them here



iPod Challenge Update 3

As the B’s draw to a close I’ve had to suffer some Bad Medicine in the guise of Bon Jovi !!

Oh dear……what was so bad with peoples lives at the tail end of the 80’s that they thought listening to Bon Jovi would make things better.

Its the musical equivalent of Formula One, over blown, over hyped and over produced. I’d rather have spent the last hour ironing socks and underpants which is as equally pointless as this musical misery.

But I guess that’s one of the hardships this journey into the depths of my iPod will throw at me and I guess at some point I either borrowed this or bought it. Please let me have borrowed it I could have spent the money on cheese.

Anyway at the start of the C’s there’ll be one of those little guilty pleasure that you don’t confess to. It’ll be like an angel pouring melted marshmallow and honey into my ears. Karen Carpenter. Sssshh don’t tell anyone I’ve got my street cred to consider.

iPod Challenge Update 2

Well I thought if anyone was going to break me on this endeavour I did think it would be B*Witched, I never considered it might be The Beatles of all people.

What is Revolution 9 !!

In the past I guess I must have just skipped past it but I’m not allowing anything to be missed on this challenge so I had to endure it.


Forgive me B*Witched for I have wronged you.

Misheard Lyrics

I’m sure we’ve all come across these from time to time but I just realised what my wife was singing to the Beachboys song Fun Fun Fun.
Where Brian and the boys sing

” And she’ll have fun fun fun till her daddy takes the T-Bird away”

my wife was singing a much darker version of what her father was planning!!!

” And she’ll have fun fun fun till her Daddy takes her to her grave”

From now on I will be taking the advice of Metallica and sleeping with One Eye Open !!!!!

Music Night Take 2

Last Friday was music night again, no prevarication, no whinging about the weather, just a quick pint and a bus into town.

Now if you’re of a certain age you’ll remember when Westerns were a staple part of British TV output. Every Saturday and Sunday would feature an old Western at some point during the day and there were two things you wanted from the movie. Red Indians (I apologies for using this term but it’s what they were called before it was un-PC) and a huge bar room fight with chairs being smashed on peoples heads, whiskey bottles flying across the room and dancing girls screaming and hiding behind the pianist.

Well Friday night was musically as near to that as I’m ever likely to get. And there were no Native American within a thousand miles. The band were the 309’s and they play a swing, rockabilly country fusion which you just can’t help tapping you feet too while suppressing a full throated YeeHaa !!


It was great entertainment but at the same time I was waiting for a black clad bad guy to walk through the doors, accuse someone of cheating at poker and for it all to kick off. I even considered ordering shots of whisky!

And top it all off they had a slide guitar player who also rocked a mean fiddle and a bear of a man slapping a double bass !!


So once again drinking our beer , saddling up and moseying on from our safety zone paid dividends. After a sitar and slide guitar I’m really wondering what instrument I’m going to be introduced to next?


You can check out the bands website here http://www.the309s.com/