I’m Not Sure I Like Kingfishers Any More

As you may know I’ve been trying to nail a kingfisher shot for awhile now and yesterday I think the love affair came to an end. I spotted this one which flew away as soon as I pointed the camera at it. but I decided to hang around and see if it came back.


Well after about half an hour I decided to check my phone and popped my camera down. And yes up popped the kingfisher 6 feet in front of me posing on the fence. I couldn’t move as it would have flown the second I made a move for my camera so for a couple of minutes we just looked at each other. I swear it winked and smiled as it upped and flew away!!!

Owl Portraits

Yesterday my local nature reserve had a fund raising open day and one of the guests brought along some birds of prey. They included two owls one of which was a Little Owl which I have been trying to photograph in the wild and the other was an Asian Brown Wood Owl.

It was great to get a really close up shot of the little owl but it didn’t have the satisfaction of tracking one down in its natural habitat. However the wood owl is not something I’m ever likely to see in a Yorkshire tree so was a pleasure to meet Herbie.



Dipper Di Doo Dah

On my riverbank adventures I seem to have a few regulars flitting in and out while I wait for my Kingfisher moment. One of these is a pair of Dippers which I have found hard to photograph. They are quite nervous birds and as they usually have their heads underwater are not the easiest of subjects. They also tend to be in flowing water with the reflective issues that creates. But today I think I nailed a couple of decent shots.



Who Scared all the Birdies?

I’ve been spending a fair few early mornings on my local river bank after seeing Kingfishers whizzing about. Yesterday while sat patiently waiting for a flash of blue and gold I noticed a commotion in the trees and all the small birds flying quickly away. I couldn’t see what had upset them so carried on my vigil. However a few minutes later a movement on the far bank caught my eye and I spotted this young lady Sparrowhawk. I guess she’s just had breakfast!