Have You Ever Wondered What Happens to the Carrot When Your Snowman Melts?

When the thaw sets in and your snowman begins to slowly disappear spare a moment to think about what happens to all his wardrobe. The arm sticks may eventually become part of a nest, the coal eyes will get kicked around and eventually join the gardens edge and his scarf will end up down the cellar until next year.

But his carrot nose just disappears! Where does it go I hear you cry and I’m here to tell you that by a miracle of nature it’s reborn and begins a new life around our lakes and shoreline as an Oystercatcher! So this winter when it snows and you dash out to build one why not build two.

It’s true HONEST!


A Prize Winning Pirate Joke

As you may know I love a pirate gag and constantly wind my boys up with continually worse and worse jokes.

Well they had to take all the abuse back last week when one of my pirate jokes became a prize winning pirate joke. The local theatre were promoting an upcoming comedy gig and offered 2 tickets for the funniest joke they received via Twitter. I entered and won!

So here is my award winning Pirate joke.

Where do pirates go for their holidays

Yaaaarrrrrmouth   (for anyone not from the UK its a coastal resort, which sort of diminishes the joke when you have to explain the punch line but hey ho)

My wife thinks it was the only entry they received!!!!!!

When Thoughts Turn to Summer

As is the norm these days tomorrow has been given a name in the style of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Tomorrow is Sunshine Saturday when there is a huge surge of people going on-line to book their summer holidays. So with this in mind I thought I would just post a warning about the dangers of overdoing it in the sun.

Just remember to slip on a shirt, slap on a hat and slop on the sunscreen, you don’t want to end up like this 19 year old we met in Italy !!!!!!


Bloggers Block

I think I may have caught it !!

So here’s a picture of Mable doing her impression of Carrie from Homeland just after the Tour de France had visited last summer.


Its hard to tell them apart in my opinion.


Look What I Just Found on the Internet

Back in the day when I was a Cartoonist I used to upload some to a site which sold them on for a variety of uses. Yesterday I had a letter telling me I’d sold one so I went looking to see which ancient cartoons are still on their site and which still might make me a couple of quid.

Here’s two I found which made me smile. Please bear in mind they’re at least 10 years old!!!!



A Tour Through My Art Collection 4

This picture is a special one as it was a gift from my wife for my 40th birthday.
It is also a picture of one of my very favourite comedy duos, Tom and Jerry. Growing up the weekend TV always featured somewhere at least a couple of these classic shorts. Nowadays they are seen as violent and racist with Amazon even putting a warning on their listings for them! What has the world come too. Yes they were violent, but it was slapstick comedy no-one died, everyone survived to do it all again another day. I happily bought the complete collection for my kids and they loved them. All they got from them was a laugh, a giggle and a happy smile.

This image is from the 1945 classic Mouse in Manhattan which is really a solo outing for Jerry mouse who decides he’s had enough of the country life and sets off for the big city. Leaving Tom a note he packs his bags but after a night of adventures, dancing and chases he returns to the quiet life before Tom has even woken. tearing up the note, he kisses Tom and settles back to a life of cat and mouse chaos.

If you haven’t seen it I’m sure it’ll be on Youtube somewhere so have a watch, have a laugh and enjoy a classic slice of animation heaven.

Currently on display in the living room.