Finally Winter’s Here

After all the rain and mild weather we finally slipped into Winter last night with a light snow fall.

Took the camera down to the local nature reserve to see how the birds were coping. The feeders were busy all the time I was there and the birds looked great in the snow.








Female Reed Bunting


Female Chaffinch


Italian Street Sign Art

Florence in Italy is the¬†birthplace of the Renaissance, is home to masterpieces of art and architecture and in my opinion some of the best street sign art I’ve ever seen.

I wasn’t that impressed with the so called masterpieces in the Uffizi gallery.¬†Lots of pictures of fat ugly babies painted by people who had obviously never seen a baby!

However on the streets of Florence people have been having a lot of fun with the street signs and we spent hours trying to spot new ones. These are just brilliant.