Rugby League, What is the Point?

Now before the whole of the Rugby League supporting public jump up and down and toss their flat caps into the ground let me start off by saying I’m a Northener born and bred, I used to attend rugby league matches every week, my Dad played the game professionally and I can remember Eddie Waring.

But I just don’t get it. To me its 13 blokes running into each other, dry humping the ground when on the floor and after doing this 5 times kicking the ball to the opposition to let them have a go. Laughingly they have scrums where the smallest bloke throws the ball as far behind his front row as possible while they lean on the opposition and have a rest. Do they still have a position called Hooker and if so why? Surely he should just be called fat bloke in the middle.

And why do they continue to believe they need a World Cup!!! There are only 3 countries who play the game and only 2 of them play it well. I remember Russia had a team in a recent World Cup with every player called Shane or Tommo, all suntanned and better at surfing than queuing for bread in a Moscow suburb.

The one thing I find totally unbelievable about Super League is the way they continue to give franchises to parts of the UK and France who have no interest in the game whatsoever, thereby keeping 2 teams from their Northern heartland in a league they can never get out of.

I also believe its an unwritten rule of rugby league that they must employ a fullback who has never caught anything in his life so ensuring mayhem and a good laugh for everyone everytime the ball is kicked high enough in his direction. Comedy gold.

So I’ll stick to Union and watch a real World Cup, the six nations and in four years time an Olympic sport. Although thinking about it if rugby league became an Olympic sport at least Great Britain would be guaranteed a bronze medal every single time!