One American we don’t want over here!!

Down on the river yesterday and I thought at first I’d spotted an otter. When it swam up to the bank though I realised it was a mink. These are not a British native and were either released into the wild by “do-gooders” or were escapees from mink farms where they were bred for their fur. Now they live wild and can be devastating to local wildlife. I know it’s not their fault they are here and are just acting naturally but we really could do without them.

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We’re going to see who?

This was my first reaction when the wife told me we were going to see Paul Simon and Sting in concert. I think my next response was along the lines of who on earth thought that would be a good idea!!

Well they were right what an inspired idea. Paul Simon wrote the songbook of a generation and Sting with the Police certainly got me bopping toward the end of school and through University. I wasn’t too sure about Stings solo work as I wasn’t a big fan but hey ho I’m going to hear Paul Simon sing The Boxer!!!!!

The set up of the concert was that both acts started on stage together and then alternated solo spots with a duet linking the changeovers. It was brilliant. Paul Simon covered all the classics and even threw in Homeward Bound as he’d written it in a nearby railway station. Topped off with a generous portion of Gracelands, one of my favourite ever albums I was grooving with the oldies. Sting threw in a good portion of Police classics which made me happy although Roxanne (which I was particularly looking forward too) didn’t really hit the spot.

3 hours and 36 songs later we emerged into the Manchester evening silly grins on our faces and Cecilia playing in our ears. Top night, now I wonder if they can get Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel together for a tour!!!!

Many apologies for the pics we were right at the back and my phone’s camera is rubbish.20150413_201641 20150413_223236

Careful where you put those big feet!!

A beautiful day today so iron giant in hand I decided to try and get some shots of the kingfishers. Stood by the river I disturbed a couple of voles who scampered off so I stood still hoping they’d come back. They didn’t but I noticed some movement just by my foot and looked down to see this little chap eyeballing me.