On the Lagoon

Spent an evening sat by the lagoon on the local nature reserve and got a couple of shots and a few mosquito bites!! The young moorhen and little grebe were chasing flies and the woodpecker was one of two bashing away at the trees.




That Owl Again

My little owl didn’t seemed bothered at all about me today and carried on hunting for its lunch while I snapped away Shame the ones of it pouncing and flying were rubbish. But I’m getting slightly better pictures each visit now.




The Meadow

I don’t usually notice the flowers as I’m too busy trying to spot the wildlife. But in the meadow on the local nature reserve I took a moment. I think this picture ignores all the rules of photography but hey who actually cares.


A Prize Winning Pirate Joke

As you may know I love a pirate gag and constantly wind my boys up with continually worse and worse jokes.

Well they had to take all the abuse back last week when one of my pirate jokes became a prize winning pirate joke. The local theatre were promoting an upcoming comedy gig and offered 2 tickets for the funniest joke they received via Twitter. I entered and won!

So here is my award winning Pirate joke.

Where do pirates go for their holidays

Yaaaarrrrrmouth   (for anyone not from the UK its a coastal resort, which sort of diminishes the joke when you have to explain the punch line but hey ho)

My wife thinks it was the only entry they received!!!!!!

My First Owl

When I started this blog and my new found photography bug one of the top things on my list was to snap an owl. Finally I’ve managed to find one quite close to where I work and who seems to like being out during my lunch hour.

I still haven’t got a great shot but I will. This is my best effort so far, shot through trees, hand held and manually focussed. My arms were killing after!!


Some New Arrivals in Yorkshire

The Yorkshire Wildlife Park recently had some new arrivals in the shape of three Amur tiger cubs. The tigers are extremely rare in the wild so these young cubs are incredibly important. They are around ten weeks old and made their first foray into their enclosure last week. I took the opportunity to pop along and try and get some pictures.

Mum was pacing around for ages checking the enclosure and finally one of the cubs made an appearance, and as soon as it did mum picked him up and took him back inside.

but mum

The other two took this as their cue to break out while mum was occupied and darted into the enclosure.


Unfortunately they never came close enough to get great pictures but it really was a pleasure to see these little guys.



Still Downy, One Down…

have enjoyed every minute of these young ones lives so far. Brilliant stuff

Sheffield Peregrines

Having suggested that the end of the week might see the first flight of the chicks, the recent gale-like conditions seem to have brought things forward.  After posting last night’s blog post a quick check of the webcam showed the female on the perch pole, being battered by the heavy rain and very strong winds.  Shortly afterwards, she moved into the nestbox in search of some shelter, and stayed there for some time with the two juvs out of sight.

June 1 night

By Tuesday morning  (June 2nd) the rain had cleared, but the wind was still verging on gale force.  At some point around 10 a.m. one of the juvs left the nestbox, though whether this was intentional or not remains in doubt!  My suspicion is that it was caught by a gust and blown off the edge of the box as they seemed a couple of days away from leaving the nestbox on…

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