Pretty In Pink

On a recent trip to the wood I spotted this blue tit wrestling with some potential nest material. The pink thread was caught on a branch and the bird was struggling to get it free.

Blue tit with pink thread.

Blue tit with thread.

The thread looked like it had snagged from a walkers coat and the blue tit had spotted something with which to line the nest. It wasn’t going to let this find go and pulled and pulled.

Blue tit pulling pink thread.

Heave Ho

Blue tit pulling thread

Almost got it

Somewhere in the woods there is a nest with a lovely pink thread running through it as the blue tit did finally pull it free. I did think at one point the bird was standing on it and causing its own problems.

Blue tit with pink nest material

Blue tit accessorising


151/365 – Woodpecker Update 2

The first nest has emptied with I think 1 chick fledging. It looked like the male had disappeared and the female had to do all the feeding.

The second nest is a week or so behind but both parents are returning with beaks full of insects for their chicks.