Another Tick on My Photography To Do List

As you may know I’m on a bit of a photography mission at the moment with my to see list, and today I ticked off another.

I had been out for a walk yesterday and got chatting to a couple who pointed me in the direction of a local nature reserve which I hadn’t visited before. I always feel a bit useless when I discover something virtually on my doorstep which I haven’t bothered to visit so this morning I decided to go and have a look.

The reserve is well managed and there is a bird feeding site with screens and benches as well as plenty of food available.  There was a regular stream of small visitors to get shots of and also a very helpful local who I got chatting with and who turned out to be the chairman of the volunteer group who run the site.



He kindly pointed out what some of the birds I didn’t recognise were and then casually said ” and that’s a female great spotted woodpecker”



He then gave me a load of camera tips and tricks and invited me along to a photography workshop they are planning. Once again I’ve met great¬† friendly people willing to share their knowledge with a complete stranger and I’ve ticked off my woodpecker. I’m already planning to go back tomorrow as I spotted another member of my list !!