I Blame Kate Bush

I fell for Kate and her idiosyncratic style one Thursday night in early 1978. I remember vividly her sat at her piano dressed in black and producing this amazing sound on Top of The Pops. I also thought WOW she’s stunning and she became the poster girl on my bedroom wall for most of my teenage years.

Recently when she announced her 22 date comeback tour after 35 years away I was a gibbering buffoon that Friday morning when the tickets went on sale. I missed out on tickets by seconds when I realised too late there were four sat in the basket of one of the windows I had open. By the time I had cottoned on and attempted to input my details the timer ran out and in the middle of the office I ran through my complete lexicon of expletives.


So fast forward to the morning after her return to the stage. I decided that if I couldn’t see her live then I would find her set list and as I have every album she’s recorded on my iPod, I would have my own concert alone with my headphones and Kate.

Set list in hand and playlist ready to create I scrolled through her albums………………where is Hounds of Love???????????? Aaaaargh!!!!!! I’ve got it somewhere, I’ve got at least 2 copies somewhere!!!!!!

Sod it, Amazon Prime has its uses. New copy ordered. And anyway what was waiting another day after 35 years of waiting for Kate.

Anyway this led me down a path I feel I’m going to be on for quite sometime, because waiting for Kate led me to make what could be a classic rod for my own back. I decided to listen to every album on my iPod from start to finish in alphabetical order.

To put some history to this undertaking I didn’t have a CD till the day after my wedding in 1991 when being the proud owner of a music centre wedding present we bought Fleetwood Macs Greatest Hits and Phil Collins Live. So the collection on my iPod has virtually the first 12 years of my musical life missing as its mostly on vinyl banished to the loft and unreplaced on CD.

This means that theres no ACDC or ABC to help me through the A’s or Black Sabbath or Camel for the B’s and C’s. So its straight in to Abba and Adele, Aesop and Amy Winehouse with looming on the horizon B’Witched.

What have I done? Number one son doesn’t believe I’ll do ten albums before I quit but here goes. I’ll update you as I enjoy this eclectic collection of my own making from the last 20 odd years.