Music Night Take 3

Well Friday night transported me back to the late 70’s and my teen rocker years.

The Jokers blew me away. A classic four piece, bass, axeman, drummer and a vocalist with charisma and a rock voice. Really what more do you need. It was old school rock and blues, tight fast and loud. Foot stomping good. I had to fight the urge to punch the air, whip out my air guitar and make rock fists.


Apparently it was the drummers first night but you would never have known. The lead guitarist has a touch of Angus marching down the pub, chest bared and axe held high.


And I don’t think you can go wrong with a bearded, bald bass player (take that alliteration fans)

If they’re playing at a venue near to you get your ass down and have a brilliant night, unless like my drinking partner you like Chris De Burgh then it might be a bit too loud and a bit too much like a good time.


Check out a video of them here