Dear Mr Terrorist

I’m afraid you’ve failed.

I’m not terrified of you, slightly nervous that you’re out there but not afraid. In fact you’re like a wasp in summer, I know you’re there and at some point you might cause me some pain but I just get on with my life.

And you know what, I think that’s what most of us do.

You’ve caused some families distress and pain. You’ve killed fathers, brothers, sons and friends but you’ve turned so many people against you and your beliefs.

Then you ran away!

Next week Charlie Hebdo will be published and instead of the usual 30,000 copies it will have a print run of 1,000,000 and every copy will be sold. So what will you have achieved?

I’m glad you’ve got you’re religion and beliefs, thats your choice and your burden but you can’t force it on others, you can’t use it as an excuse and you can’t hide behind it as justification for murder.

I have no religion I don’t believe in God. But if there’s one out there who can take a joke, can see the funny side of things, can laugh at all our stupidities and faults then that’s the invisible friend for me. He’ll be sat on his cloud rolling his eyes in disbelief right now.

In a few days you’ll be caught or more probably killed and you’ll get to meet your God. And I hope when you do he kicks the shit out of you.