Doggy Photoshoot

The wife has decided that the final touch to the kitchen would be a couple of nice pictures of the dogs for the walls. No matter how much I pleaded the case for Scooby Doo, Grommit or Muttley she wasn’t having it.

So off to the local park we went and had a little doggy photo shoot.

Not decided on the final ones yet but these are the front runners.

What do you think?




Meet Master Jay

For those of you who know my on-going relationship with our local Jay population then you might like to meet one of the younger members.

This is a juvenile Jay who looks like he’s all pimped up for a night on the town. Perhaps it was their Christmas party later on.

Sorry if the pictures are a bit dark but it was a bit of a grey day.


Juvenile Jay


Guess Who Went Off the Beaten Track Again

I decided to go seal spotting today as my birthday yesterday was a bit of a strange one. So I set off to Donna Nook on the Lincolnshire coast to see the new born grey seals.

Even though I have a degree in Geography I am starting to get lost with amazing regularity, and of course it happened again. This time I swallowed my pride and switched Tom Tom on for some satnav guidance.

I followed her instructions down winding back roads and country lanes and pulled over in amazement at seeing a gentlemen in his garden chatting over the fence to a neighbour with a hawk on his arm!!!

He was very chatty and happy to let me ask questions and eventually take a few photographs

This is Fran, she was born earlier this year and is a Gyrfalcon. They are the largest of the falcon family and are usually found in the arctic regions.

She happily munched on a dead chick while we spoke and was totally un-phased with being photographed. She is one of the most beautiful birds I’ve had the pleasure to meet. I’ll let you know about the seals later, I’m still in shock!!




Remember When You Were Little

And you were so tired it didn’t matter where you were you were just going to drift off to sleep.

You could feel your eyes getting heavy and you were just so relaxed but you wanted to stay awake just a little bit longer.

Well here’s that moment captured.



Not Today Mr Jay

I decided before setting off with the Iron Giant this morning, that no matter how much he preened and posed I was going to ignore the Jay and concentrate on getting some shots of the little guys. They may not be as loud and flashy as the Jay but we still have some beautiful small birds in the UK.

These are all quite common and can be seen in most gardens if you pop out a feeder with some seed or nuts. Unless you’ve got a cat, a bouncy dog or a neighbour with a large plastic owl in the garden!!!


Female Chaffinch

Female Chaffinch

Female Bullfinch

Female Bullfinch

Great Tit

Great Tit

And yes of course I took some pictures of the Jay I’m just not going to use them HaHaHa

Edge – Photography 101

The edge of Malham Cove in the Yorkshire Dales. A step too far and a 260 foot drop to the floor below.

Some of you may recognise it from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows as one of our intrepid heroes camp sites.

With my Geography head on, it’s a limestone pavement made up of clints and grykes.

Close to the Edge

Close to the Edge