Coot v Dragonfly

I don’t usually take much notice of coots, I notice they’re around and then usually look elsewhere. They are an unobtrusive black waterfowl with the craziest bulbous feet, they’re not flippers like a duck but their lobed toes allow them to swim.

Recently I noticed a coot that had spotted a dragonfly landing on a post close by and began to slowly edge forward.


I’m sure the dragonfly had seen the coot  and was confident it was in no danger. I’m fairly sure the coot realised it wasn’t going to catch the insect but felt it had to go through the motions.


By the time the bird had decided to jump the dragonfly was long gone! I guess from time to time they must catch a dragonfly but today wasn’t to be that day.


A Magical Moment

I have seen pictures of birds feeding out of peoples hands and recently had heard of a robin on the local nature reserve which was doing this. There are quite a few friendly robins around but none had fallen for my charms ( or a handful of seeds) until yesterday.

The robin was sat very close in the tree and I slowly held out my hand to see if he was interested.


In a flash down he came, fluttered above my hand then settled on my fingers to take some seeds. The lightest of touch I could hardly feel he was there and then he was gone. Next time I need someone with me to take the picture, truly a magical moment.


Red Kites

Returning from a visit to our head office this week I knew there would be a good chance to see some Red Kites if I came across country to the motorway. Having spotted a couple I decided to pull over for a short break and see if I could get some pictures as they glided overhead.

Down in the valley a farmer was ploughing a field and I soon noticed that it wasn’t just gulls following the tractor to look for some treats. The ground was covered in red kites and at one point I counted over 40. They were in the trees, in the sky and in the field and I was mesmerised. Although some distance away I managed to get a couple of decent pictures before I set off North again.


A Lunchtime Stroll

If the sun has got his hat on at lunchtime then I’m off. I can’t sit at my desk all day so I’ll grab my camera and see if anything wants to pose for me.

I got lucky today with a new one on my list, a Water Rail, a very obliging Robin and a stunt flying Long-tailed Tit (which I didn’t quite nail) but that pesky pecker continues to play hide and seek with me.





A Chilly Walk

Cold but bright today so I took the Iron Giant for a stroll.

Spotted my first wild deer.


Met some posh ducks


And spotted a  Little Grebe grabbing lunch (apologies for the pic it was a long way off).


My 100th Post

Wow apparently I’ve had a blog for 3 years today and I’ve only managed 99 posts.

So for my 100th I’m going to indulge myself with my three favourite pictures from this week.

Hope you like them.