A Walk on the Surreal Side

Last night a trip to the local theatre for an evening of comedy. And a evening which you knew could go either way.

For any one who doesn’t know him Noel Fielding is a British comedian, actor and musician and he’s to say the least completely away with the fairies. I’ve not watched any of his TV series and just know him as a team captain on a music quiz. But I do like where he goes when he takes a surreal tangent into his own weird world.

So as previously stated this evenings entertainment could go either way and it certainly did.


The first half was more your usual stand up comedy just without any real jokes. Don’t get me wrong it was very funny but I think the wife would have nodded off or gone to the bar. And when I say the first half featured an animatronic Dark Side of the Moon, a plasticine Joey Ramone and an argument with Antonio Banderas being resolved with the use of tennis’s Hawkeye technology you may well have joined her for a large glass of some strong alcohol. Or a toke on whatever Noel had been enjoying.

And who would have thought that whenever Mick Jagger does his trademark clap on stage he is actually scaring away monkeys.


The second half was just something else, The Mighty Boosh side of the audience lapped it up but apart from a few moments and some very clever real world to plasticine world moments it whooshed over my head. There was some audience participation, a New York detective, a randy triangle, a rescue from a farting reverse minotaur and David Bowie stealing a baby.

joey noel2

But it was fun, it was certainly a different place to spend my Friday night and I still managed to fit in a few pints afterwards.

So if you fancy an evening you’re unlikely to understand with some genuine big laughs and a chicken with a real Southern drawl get yourself along to An Evening With Noel Fielding.