Kitchen Update 4

Well I think we’re in the home straight and I’m really glad because its starting to wear us all down a bit.
We’ve got new cupboards and work surfaces and they’ve started on the new floor as well. I am getting a bit sick of having all the dining room furniture in the sitting room though.




Kitchen Chaos Update 2

Walking in last night was a bit like being in a Saharan sandstorm of dust. The kitchen wall was gone and the cooker is floating in the middle of a new huge room.

Its a strange feeling being able to see into the dining room and the dogs are totally confused by the new layout and freedom of movement they have.

I’m starting to look forward to going home and seeing the changes. Not too sure about the dust everywhere !!!



Kitchen Chaos Update 1

Well to be fair it wasn’t the bomb site I expected but the real demolition hasn’t started yet.

A huge steel beam sits in the dining room, there’s a small test hole through to the kitchen and the wall is stripped back to the original 100 year old bricks..

Kitchen side

Kitchen side

The builders had done a pretty good job of cleaning up but the wife wasn’t too impressed when I ran a finger down a surface and asked when she’d last had the duster out!!!!

Dining Room side

Dining Room side

It will be interesting to see how the hole has progressed when I get home tonight?????

Kitchen Chaos

I’m not sure I want to go home tonight.

After weeks and months of beating around the bush and prevaricating about the cost we (well the wife) has decided to knock the kitchen and dining room through into one big room.

Work was due to start this morning so we’ll be living in one room, crammed in with two rooms worth of furniture until its finished. I’m guessing the cooker will be out of action so it’s microwave meals or KFC for the foreseeable future.

I’m sure there’ll be photos to follow as the work progresses.