Off To The Pub Tonight

They’re having another exhibition of my photographs and I need to drop a few more off. Just one sale so far but exhibiting just gives me a buzz and chatting to people about what the pictures are of and where they were taken is a real pleasure. It’s even better when they realise that so many of the pictures are taken on their doorstep. If the pictures make just a few people notice their surroundings, walk a little slower and appreciate what’s sometimes right under their noses then it makes me smile.

Here’s the one that’s sold and guess what it’s of?


A Subtle Change of Dazzling Colour

After the devastating floods of Boxing Day 2015 the river banks also took a battering and were reshaped with trees and undergrowth uprooted and washed away. One tree near where I watch the kingfishers was knocked down but has survived lying on the riverbank and its turning into a perfect natural hide. I can get inside the branches with my portable chair and the new spring growth is beginning to throw up a nice leafy cover.

I’d just settled in when the first kingfisher shot past up stream and its mate surprised me by landing ten feet away in a tree above my head. I had not time to amend any settings on my camera before it flew into the next tree and then away after the female.

They entertained me most of the morning at some distance, mating, diving for fish and generally enjoying the beautiful day until scared off by some dog walkers. 

I wasn’t expecting much when I looked at my photo’s later but what leaps out is the difference in colour a small distance makes. The first is when the male was closest, the second a shorter distance further from me and that extra distance and difference in light makes an amazing difference to the colours of the bird.

Guess where I’ll be spending a lot of my time? 


You Wait Ages Then Two Come Along

As some of my readers may know I’ve been trying to photograph my local kingfisher for months and months.

Yesterday they flew past me and for some reason I decided to follow them up river and see if they had landed on a branch which was recently washed downstream. It was my lucky day as they sat in the sunshine shouting at each other as I crawled into a position to get some snaps. Still not brilliant but I was a happy chap walking home.