Kingfisher Pellets

Yesterday I spent the day photographing kingfishers and was lucky enough to see one regurgitating a pellet. They do this a couple of times a day to get rid of fishbones and other indigestible remains from their fishy diet.


It took some bringing up before a flick of the head sent it into the grass.


Kingfishers Courting

Well it looks like I missed the first brood fledge as the kingfishers were getting friendly again on the river this morning.

The female was sat on her usual perch when the male arrived with a freshly caught fish.1She ignored him for a short time before finally starting to show some interest.

1cHe carefully presented the fish to her which she took , smacked on the branch to ensure it was dead and then maneuvered for swallowing.



Hopefully his attentions paid off and the second brood will be underway soon. Fabulous to witness and great to think that if everything goes well there’ll soon be more kingfishers to enjoy watching.


How Much Poo?

Great morning sat watching the local kingfishers. Both parents were to and fro to the nest with fish (please note the nest is a long way from where I sit up a tributary to the river, so no danger of disturbing them) and I┬ádon’t think it will be long till the offspring fledge. Hopefully I’ll be sat near by when the do finally emerge.

However for a small bird though they don’t half have big poos!! The female certainly let rip!