The Lad’s Home

My eldest went off to University in September down south in London. Big step for him, big change for us all.

I was cool when he went and for most of the first week he was away. Messenger and Facebook meant we were constantly chatting, mostly when I should have been working, so it didn’t feel like he was gone.

Then we got to the weekend, when he was usually around, making a mess, eating all the food and playing music way too loud. And the house seemed a little emptier.

Anyway he’s home this weekend and it’s great to see him but………

There’s pots all over the kitchen

The washing machine hasn’t stopped

The musics too loud

And my wallet is empty

Scarf One – Blog Nil

I enjoy writing a blog, not sure I’m any good at it but it gives me a kick. I know a few people read it, and I have had a few likes and a couple of comments.

Its slightly depressing though when the greatest number of views is down to my son posting a link on Reddit. Then to cap it all off my new scarf got more likes at work today than any of my blog posts have.

So the moral of the story is keeping blogging but buy more scarves.


The Future is in Safe Hands………….NOT!

Heading rapidly toward 50 as I am it’s so reassuring to know that our future is in the safe hands of the young. I work in an office full of 20 something’s many who are graduates and most who have at least had a decent education. Last week one of the girls , let’s call her Lisa as that’s her name, declared she was worried about her friends baby. Obviously being a parent I was concerned and asked her what the problem was.
“They don’t seem to be feeding her right they only ever give it milk” she said.
” How old is the baby ” I asked
” She’s a week old now”
Lisa is 19 years old and a business undergraduate at a decent university!!!! If this is what our education system and modern families are turning out we are really deep in it.

Thank god for kids at Christmas time

I know Christmas is for the children but it wasn’t till I had my two boys that I realised exactly why people said that. Every year like every other household we would have a tin of Quality Street and every year we would add around 20 strawberry and orange creams to our local landfill. That was until the kids arrived and being kids they’ll scoff anything even these slimy confections. So thank you boys for helping me and mum lower our carbon footprint (while we enjoy all the best bits from Quality Street).