151/365 – Woodpecker Update 2

The first nest has emptied with I think 1 chick fledging. It looked like the male had disappeared and the female had to do all the feeding.

The second nest is a week or so behind but both parents are returning with beaks full of insects for their chicks.

144/365 – Woodpecker Update

Managed to get the first sight of this years punk pirates as they aggressively almost attack the parents when they bring in food. The feeding is relentless and the parent birds are starting to look a little worse for wear. Any day now the chicks will be peering out at the world.

Female great spotted woodpecker feeding chick.

Female great spotted woodpecker feeding chick.

130/365 – Feeding Changeover

The great spotted woodpeckers eggs have hatched and the feeding duties have begun. The parents are in and out every few minutes which can lead to some traffic backing up. When each parent lands on the tree they let out a call to notify the other that they need to get in and then they wait for the other to emerge.

Great spotted woodpeckers at nest hole

The male exits while the female waits to go into the nest to feed the chicks