Spooky Day

Yesterday was weird.

Writing this blog has brought on some moments of nostalgia and yesterday I was mulling over writing about my first gig. I managed to find a website that has playlists for loads and loads of concerts and I tracked down my first. The concert was Mike Oldfield at Bradford University in 1980.


I sent the link to one of my friends who was at the concert and who happened to be in the States on business. A couple of hours later he responded to me and spookily told me he had been in the hotel gym when he got my message and the music playing in the gym at that moment was Tubular Bells !!!!!!! ( I know what sort of gym plays the theme music to the Exorcist).

If you’ve read any of my other blogs you might know that Friday night is music night so I decided to check out if there was a band playing this week at the pub we usually frequent. The listings had a band called Wot Gorilla playing and as the band name is an old Genesis track I thought I’d visit their website and see what they were like. Clicking on the first song they had called Snow White I was absolutely gobsmacked to see one of my eldest sons girlfriends acting in the video !!!!!!! She’s now a YouTube video make up artist.


After a soothing cup of tea to calm me down I decided to check my blog stats to see if anyone had been along for a read. When I noticed I’d had 666 visits I decided it was time to have an early night! Three spooky events in one day was enough for me.

Prog Rocker and Proud of It

After having to listen to my sons choice in music pounding out from his bedroom and talking to the girls in the office I’m proud to be a rocker and a child of my times. I’ve tried listening to the dross Harry plays but even an old fashioned bloke likes me quickly tires of foul language, misogynist lyrics and a bass line that shakes my fillings.

I realised my age and tastes when a girl at work told me she likes to listen to old music from the 90’s !!!!!! She then completed my total disappointment in her by telling me she was going to a Steps concert!!

The blank look she gave me when I reeled off some of my musical tastes told me it was almost time to book a Saga holiday.

So here we go in no particular order a list of what I like, no apologies just great music and some of the most overblown and ridiculous lyrics your ever likely to hear. Listen to Peter Gabriel in his pomp and just wish there was somewhere you could get up and do a karaoke  version of Suppers Ready all 28 odd minutes of it!

Genesis – Kate Bush – Led Zeppelin – Saxon – Magnum – Thin Lizzy – Jethro Tull – Rush – Yes – Marillion

ps I do like some more recent music but I think we all go back to what we grew up with, when we were young, handsome and didn’t have to breathe in at the swimming baths!