Remember When You Were Little

And you were so tired it didn’t matter where you were you were just going to drift off to sleep.

You could feel your eyes getting heavy and you were just so relaxed but you wanted to stay awake just a little bit longer.

Well here’s that moment captured.



Star Wars – One Special Moment

The launch today of the trailer for the upcoming Star Wars movie brought back a great memory from 1999 and the release of The Phantom Menace

At the time I worked down South and one of my colleagues other half worked at Pinewood studios. She wasn’t a great movie fan and I think he’d just had enough of movies during the week so I was quite often a very grateful recipient of tickets to cast and crew premieres. These weren’t the red carpet with all the stars there, but a Sunday morning in Leicester Square with all the backroom staff who built the sets, provided food and kept the animals under control.

When she offered me two tickets to the new Star Wars film I nearly married her on the spot.

Harry was about 6 at the time and mad about the original trilogy so off we went up to London for a special treat.

I think they showed the movie at three theatres at the same time so they could get everyone in and the start times were slightly staggered so Rick McCallum the Producer could pop into each one and thank us for all our hard work in getting the movies finished. No problem Rick, my pleasure.

We enjoyed the film, the atmosphere was totally different to a normal trip to the cinema but the stand out moment was nearing the end when Darth Maul is struck down and he falls down a shaft to his doom. Cut in half the two parts separate and Harry shouted at the top of his voice “Dad, Dad his trousers have fallen off !!!!! “. The place erupted.

I’m not expecting an invite to the premiere of the latest instalment.

A trip to the Butchers

We are lucky where we live to have a proper family butchers at the top of the road run by a father and son double act.

Returning son informed me last night as I bought him yet another pint he quite fancied pulled pork for tea, so this morning off to the butchers I went.

Gary, the son, enquired on my entering the shop that he hadn’t seen me for awhile.

“No” I replied ” the wife’s gone vegetarian”

Without blinking an eye both father and son made the sign of the cross and carried on serving their respective customers.

The Lad’s Home

My eldest went off to University in September down south in London. Big step for him, big change for us all.

I was cool when he went and for most of the first week he was away. Messenger and Facebook meant we were constantly chatting, mostly when I should have been working, so it didn’t feel like he was gone.

Then we got to the weekend, when he was usually around, making a mess, eating all the food and playing music way too loud. And the house seemed a little emptier.

Anyway he’s home this weekend and it’s great to see him but………

There’s pots all over the kitchen

The washing machine hasn’t stopped

The musics too loud

And my wallet is empty

We’re Going On A Squirrel Hunt


Yesterday when I walked the dogs the park was alive with squirrels but guess who forgot his camera?

So today camera in hand we tried again.


None here?


None in the trees


None in the park anywhere


Maybe tomorrow.

No squirrels were harmed in the making of this blog !

Meet Bramble and Mabel

For quite sometime I resisted getting a dog, which is strange as growing up my dog was one of my best friends. When I met my better half she came with a cat and for the next twenty years we were cat people. Max, Kizzy, Harley, Charlie and Minnie.

But for some reason she decided she wanted a dog and I just assumed that once the puppy pulling power had worn off then I would be the one trudging through the rain, sleet and snow to walk the dog. So I stupidly resisted.

But women being women I eventually relented and so Bramble arrived, a dog who back in the day would have been a mutt, a Heinz 57, a mongrel, but nowadays is a Cockerpoo. An expensive mutt. But an adorable mutt.



Bramble soon became part of the furniture, the boys loved her, the wife was enamoured and I quite liked her too.

Then we decided she needed a pal so a year later Mabel joined the clan and what a different dog she is. Bramble was easy to train, learnt tricks, rolled over, waved and danced. Mabel on the other hand, shall we just say she tried. (Mabels puppy picture stolen from my eldest).



But boy do we love our mutts. And my wife loves walking them in any weather. And of course when it rains they obviously have coats!!!!!