Dog Day Morning

Well what a miserable grey, dank dreary day it is in Yorkshire today. Yuck.

Wifey’s under the weather so I took the dogs for a stroll in the local park and took a couple of snaps of them for a change.



Bloggers Block

I think I may have caught it !!

So here’s a picture of Mable doing her impression of Carrie from Homeland just after the Tour de France had visited last summer.


Its hard to tell them apart in my opinion.


Doggy Photoshoot

The wife has decided that the final touch to the kitchen would be a couple of nice pictures of the dogs for the walls. No matter how much I pleaded the case for Scooby Doo, Grommit or Muttley she wasn’t having it.

So off to the local park we went and had a little doggy photo shoot.

Not decided on the final ones yet but these are the front runners.

What do you think?




Remember When You Were Little

And you were so tired it didn’t matter where you were you were just going to drift off to sleep.

You could feel your eyes getting heavy and you were just so relaxed but you wanted to stay awake just a little bit longer.

Well here’s that moment captured.



We’re Going On A Squirrel Hunt


Yesterday when I walked the dogs the park was alive with squirrels but guess who forgot his camera?

So today camera in hand we tried again.


None here?


None in the trees


None in the park anywhere


Maybe tomorrow.

No squirrels were harmed in the making of this blog !