F*CK X-Factor – Get off your arse and go and watch some live music.

I hate X-Factor with a passion. I hate the inane blandness of the “acts” it manufactures for the Great British public while claiming to find “new and exciting talent. No your not Simon, what you are actually doing is stopping the talented and hard working from ever having a chance!!!

A few Fridays ago my drinking partner and I decided we’d go and see some live music. It wasn’t difficult we picked up the Pub Paper and had a look what was on offer. None of the bands were ones we’d ever heard of but we picked one and took our chance. Now it doesn’t really matter who we saw just the fact we bothered. And the band were excellent, talented musicians, but we both knew that they were never going to get any bigger than they probably are. And not because of anything they were doing wrong just the pure fact they were different and by that very fact they were knackered. They had a girl playing the flute and a guy playing a mandolin and they featured at the front of the stage not tucked away as an after thought at the back. And if they ever want to get big this is where they’re going wrong…..they weren’t bland and the same as everyone else, they were trying something different and doing what they obviously loved and doing it well. Simon Cowell and his lackies wouldn’t have had a clue, there was nothing for them to mould and shape apart from the difference and this is why the sad muppet is not only killing music he’s also killing individuality and talent.

The band by the way were called Washington Irving and if they play your local get off the couch, tell Cowell to “get thee behind me satan” and go and have a listen. Whats the worst that can happen???