An Early Christmas Present

After finishing for the Christmas break early today I took Jake to see the final instalment of The Hobbit.

I love going to the cinema I just begrudge handing over almost £30 for the privilege.

As Smaug takes his vengeance on the town the fire alarm in the cinema went off! The film stopped and the lights came on and we headed for the door. Just as we got to the exit of our cinema the all clear was given and a couple of minutes later the film resumed.

We settled back down finished the popcorn, drank the bucket of coke and enjoyed the movie.

As we left we were given a free ticket for our next trip to the movies so I won’t begrudge my next visit.

As to the movie? It’s ok but probably a trilogy is stretching quite a short kids book a film too far.

Get a Grip People

According to the BBC news this morning 71% of parents are worried about spending too much at Christmas and a similar number are expecting to go into debt to pay for it all.

WHY, get a grip you idiots. Your kids don’t need an iPad or a pair of Beats headphones, nor do they need the latest must have toy or a computer. Why would you go in to debt to get these things. They’ll still love you whatever they get, so stop putting pressure on yourself and giving kids unrealistic expectations of how the world works.

You don’t need a 40lb turkey, a 20lb ham and enough beer to float a battleship!

One of the girls I work with has 5 kids, the youngest of which are 1 year old twins. And for Christmas she’s buying the twins iPads each !!!!!! I know she can’t afford this and I have tried to explain the futility of what she is doing but she doesn’t get it and nor do I. Last year she bought the other three kids a Playstation EACH.

Is it just me?

Thank god for kids at Christmas time

I know Christmas is for the children but it wasn’t till I had my two boys that I realised exactly why people said that. Every year like every other household we would have a tin of Quality Street and every year we would add around 20 strawberry and orange creams to our local landfill. That was until the kids arrived and being kids they’ll scoff anything even these slimy confections. So thank you boys for helping me and mum lower our carbon footprint (while we enjoy all the best bits from Quality Street).

What happened to the Nativity play

Having just sat through The Trial of Goldilocks as my sons schools Christmas play I began to wonder if we were so scared of being PC that the Nativity play was a thing of the past. Now don’t get me wrong the play was very good and the kids seemed to have a great time but it could have been done any time of the year and the only mention of Christmas in the whole production was in a chorus of We wish your merry Christmas at the end. Are we so afraid of upsetting the non Christians that we have a production where Christmas never seems to have been considered at all.
I’m not at all religious, I haven’t had an imaginary friend since I was really small and don’t understand why I would want one as a grown up but I believe it’s up to the individual to make up their own minds and this includes my son. Why should children be made to avoid the Nativity and the part it plays In a traditional Christmas. Goldilocks Trial would be funny at any other time of the year so at Christmas let me have Kings and Shepherds and lots and lots of kids dressed as sheep.