A Tour Through My Art Collection 3

Foghorn Leghorn is a personal favourite from my youth. I don’t really know why a Southern Gentlemen rooster tickled my fancy but boy I say boy he used to make me chuckle.

This picture was bought from an animation gallery behind Oxford Street in London which has since moved. A visit to the gallery used to be an integral part of any trip to London usually followed by a nice meal at an Italian next door.

Russell the gallery owner is another gentleman who always remembered me and what I had bought even though my visits were infrequent and usually at least a year apart.

Currently on display in the living room.


A Tour Through My Art Collection 2

My second picture was bought at the same time as Muttley. this time he’s in action with his “friend” Dick Dastardly ” in an attempt to Catch The Pigeon.
Currently on display at the foot of the stairs by the front door.

Apologies for the picture quality its from the old iPad.


A Tour Through My Art Collection 1

I’m not a great fan of art. With modern art I just don’t get it and religious art seems to be a lot of suffering and fat babies. I quite like a landscape and I do like waterlillies. Van Goghs’ Potato Eaters makes me laugh every time I see it. It’s like someone’s dressed up some monkeys and he’s tried to paint them. But at the same time I do like his sunflower and a poem I wrote when I was about 10 about his Pavement Café was published in the local paper.

My personal art collection is slightly different to what you’ll see in the Louvre or the Hermitage but I still see it as the highest form of art. Cartoon Art.

I bought my first picture about 20 years ago when I was still working as a cartoonist. It’s of one of my all time favourite cartoon characters Muttley. He currently hangs at the top of the stairs out of the way of the kitchen makeover but he will return to pride of place in the new dining room.

‘Wake up there, Muttley, you’re dreaming again! You’re not Robin Hood and you’re not Gunga Din. You’re not a brave knight or a king that’s been crowned. You’re just plain old Muttley, the snickering hound!”