A Tour Through My Art Collection 12

We’re getting close to the end of the tour now with just a few more to go.

This was an early purchase for the collection and again was bought from the London Gallery Art You Grew Up With.

I was going to steal this picture and I’m sure I would have got away with it if it hadn’t been for those pesky kids !!!!!

Scooby Doo is currently on display in the living room.


A Tour Through My Art Collection 11

This is definitely one of my favourites, Top Cat and his crew.

Based on the Bilko TV series, Top Cat was an alley cat who always had a money making scheme on the go. Constantly outfoxing the local policeman Officer Dibble TC lived in a garbage can with built in TV and used the police phone to set up his deals.

This picture features the whole gang and is currently on display on the stairs.


A Tour Through My Art Collection 10

For anyone growing up in the UK through the 70’s then Roobarb would have been a feature of every late afternoon. A short five minute cartoon in a very wibbly wobbly style featuring a green dog called Roobarb and his sarcastic pink cat neighbour Custard.
Roobarb was an inventor and an adventurer who built moon rockets and submarines watched by a flock of twitchy birds whilst Custard mocked from the garden fence. It was voiced by comic actor Richard Briers and its thick marker pen style made it cult viewing over the years.
Currently on display in the living room.



A Tour Through my Art Collection 9

For those of you who have followed my gallery tour you’ll know there’s some more Wallace and Grommit to come. So here are three storyboard images from the second and probably still the best of their movies The Wrong Trousers.
These storyboards are from the original sketches Aardman used for mapping out the movie. They feature Feathers McGraw as well as our plasticine heroes and two are from the memorable train chase.
Currently on display in the hall.




A Tour Through My Art Collection 8

Another today from the Huckleberry Hound school of animation. Ladies and Gentlemen Snagglepuss.

Snagglepuss is a pink well dressed mountain lion (?) who is similar in mannerisms to the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz. He first appeared on the The Quick Draw McGraw show and then became a regular on the Yogi Bear show. This is another original hand painted cel and is currently on display on the stairs.

As you can probably tell I’m a big fan of these multi position set up cels used by the animators to create lots of different poses. You get a lot of the character for your money.


Look What I Just Found on the Internet

Back in the day when I was a Cartoonist I used to upload some to a site which sold them on for a variety of uses. Yesterday I had a letter telling me I’d sold one so I went looking to see which ancient cartoons are still on their site and which still might make me a couple of quid.

Here’s two I found which made me smile. Please bear in mind they’re at least 10 years old!!!!



A Tour Through My Art Collection 7

Next up is another Southern Gentleman and my favourite blue dog. Mr Huckleberry Hound. Never one of the Main Street cartoon characters and not one of the slapstick types, just a gentle all round nice guy.
Most of his short films consisted of Huck trying to perform jobs in different fields, ranging from policeman to dogcatcher, with results that backfired, yet usually coming out on top, either through slow persistence or sheer luck.
This is an original hand painted cel signed by the artist.
Currently on display on the stairs.


A Tour Through My Art Collection 5

Porky Pig was another picture bought from the Oxford Street gallery and features him in front of a selection of lobby cards promoting his cartoons.

Lobby cards were printed promotional materials of different sizes that could either be displayed or passed out to customers in the lobbies of movie theaters. Animation historian Jerry Beck provided the 15 lobby card originals which were scanned to produce the Porky Pig Lobby Card background. These lobby cards were created during the Golden Age of Animation, both in-house and by special design studios hired out by Warner Bros.

Porky is currently on display in the living room.


A Tour Through My Art Collection 4

This picture is a special one as it was a gift from my wife for my 40th birthday.
It is also a picture of one of my very favourite comedy duos, Tom and Jerry. Growing up the weekend TV always featured somewhere at least a couple of these classic shorts. Nowadays they are seen as violent and racist with Amazon even putting a warning on their listings for them! What has the world come too. Yes they were violent, but it was slapstick comedy no-one died, everyone survived to do it all again another day. I happily bought the complete collection for my kids and they loved them. All they got from them was a laugh, a giggle and a happy smile.

This image is from the 1945 classic Mouse in Manhattan which is really a solo outing for Jerry mouse who decides he’s had enough of the country life and sets off for the big city. Leaving Tom a note he packs his bags but after a night of adventures, dancing and chases he returns to the quiet life before Tom has even woken. tearing up the note, he kisses Tom and settles back to a life of cat and mouse chaos.

If you haven’t seen it I’m sure it’ll be on Youtube somewhere so have a watch, have a laugh and enjoy a classic slice of animation heaven.

Currently on display in the living room.