Even Closer Up

My new lens arrived today just in time for me to be able to pop out with it at lunch time.

I thought I’d nip to the river as the kingfishers are showing well as they prepare to nest again. I’d only just sat down when I heard the distinctive mewl of a buzzard so I popped up to see where it was. Not just one but three were circling over the rugby pitch so I started snapping.


Bearing in mind I’d had the lens less than an hour and I’d pretty much set it up for hopefully snapping kingfishers I don’t think the shots are too bad.


Especially as the lens weighs loads more than my last one. I think I’m going to have to use the tripod a lot more or get to the gym!!



  1. thethoughtbadger · February 27, 2019

    Great buzzard snaps. What be the lens?

    • spugwash · March 3, 2019

      Sigma sport 150-600, bit of a beast

      • thethoughtbadger · March 3, 2019

        Certainly is – but with that incredible range I guess the weight is to be expected! Considering adding a zoom to my arsenal but so confused about which to get.

        • spugwash · March 4, 2019

          The research takes longer than the saving up!!

          • thethoughtbadger · March 4, 2019

            Ha! It is incredibly easy to get caught in swathes of reviews.

          • spugwash · March 5, 2019

            So true and they’re all just one persons opinion!

  2. bayphotosbydonna · February 28, 2019

    Great shots ‘out of the box’! Have fun with the new lens!!

    • spugwash · March 3, 2019

      Thank you looking forward to seeing what it can do

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