257/365 – Blue Skies Red Kites

A couple of times a year I have to visit our office in Berkshire which although a bit of a trek from Yorkshire does mean I can meander on my way there or back and stop off on the Downs to watch the red kites.

This is where I first began to notice the kites after their re-introduction and they always captured my imagination effortlessly soaring on the thermals over the countryside. Being able to spend a couple of hours watching and photographing them is always an amazing experience.

Soaring red kite

Soaring red kite

On this particular occasion a farmer was mowing a field and this had attracted the attention of at least a dozen kites who were on the lookout for anything disturbed by the tractor. It also meant they were very close to the roadside making photography so much easier.

Red kite

I think he’s seen me

They were so intent on looking for prey they weren’t bothered by my presence in the slightest and flew close and low.

Low flying kite

Low flying kite

I dread to think how much time I would spend watching these majestic bird if I still lived on their doorstep!!

Red kite

On the hunt


  1. thethoughtbadger · September 11, 2018

    Beautiful shots. I once chanced upon a cafe in Buckinghamshire who had a routine of putting food out for the kites, and I literally spent the next 3 hours in their car park photographing them as they circled overhead and sporadically swooped down to grab what they could of their free meal. Memory card filling raptors.

    • spugwash · September 12, 2018

      We have a similar cafe in Yorkshire that does exactly the same thing! Magnificent to watch and yes a lot of images to process after. Check out Gigrin Farm in Wales if you fancy a day out!!!

      • thethoughtbadger · September 12, 2018

        Thanks – a few people have mentioned Gigrin to me know so I’ll have to start making plans – the surrounding area looks good for general birding too, particularity in spring.

        • spugwash · September 13, 2018

          You’ll love it, not 100% sure about having so many in one area but the spectacle is amazing

          • thethoughtbadger · September 13, 2018

            I’v heard the sheer volume actually makes photography quite a challenge interestingly. I think either way, it sounds like a must.

          • spugwash · September 14, 2018

            It certainly is. Pick one and stick on it is my advice!!

  2. Alex White - Appletonwild · September 12, 2018

    Brilliant shots. Red Kites are mesmerising. We get them over our garden. Their high pitch contact call is amazing.

    • spugwash · September 12, 2018

      Thank you, they are amazing and its difficult to think they were once persecuted to extinction in England!!

    • spugwash · September 12, 2018

      You’ll get loads in Oxfordshire, these are probably your neighbours as they were taken near Sonning which won’t be too far from you.

  3. sumitjaitely2018 · September 13, 2018

    I really love wildlife so much. Thanks for sharing this amazing interesting post.

    • spugwash · September 14, 2018

      No problem, thanks for taking the time to have a look.

      • sumitjaitely2018 · September 14, 2018

        I hope you will also follow me so will both create a strong team here. I mean we will both stay in touch with each others latest posts to read like & share them. Thanks if you do that.

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