85/365 – Urban Red Kite

This is one of the red kites which come in to take food left out by local residents near Leeds. The area was a release site for them after their near extinction back in the 70’s and they are now thriving. The food is scattered on a garage roof and the birds swoop down to the delight of visitors and photographers. It can lead to some interesting shots as they fly between houses.

Urban Red Kite

Urban Red Kite


  1. belindagroverphotography · March 25, 2018

    Beautiful bird, beautiful photo!

    • spugwash · March 25, 2018

      Definitely one of my faves. Thanks

  2. shazza · March 25, 2018

    Beautiful shot. 🙂

    • spugwash · March 25, 2018

      Thank you, one of my favourite local places to visit

  3. marlandphotos · March 25, 2018


    • spugwash · March 25, 2018

      Its definitely an experience seeing them that close

  4. J.Mortlock · April 1, 2018

    We have these beautiful birds where I live. I always get excited when I see them soaring above the houses. Great photo!

    • spugwash · April 1, 2018

      And to think in the 70’s they were extinct in England and the ones we see know are all from a re-introduction programme.

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