Buzzard v Crow

I’ve noticed buzzards more and more in my local area recently soaring above the valley. I’d seen one yesterday just before bumbling into the fox, so I returned to the same area hoping to see both again.

It wasn’t long before I heard then saw the first buzzard as it swooped low over the trees being harassed by some crows. It seems every bird of prey attracts a mobbing wherever they are, with the feisty crow being the main antagonist.


There’s usually a small group who will fly up and noisily chase away the buzzard but in this case one lone aggressor chased him away.



Interestingly there were three buzzards soaring on the thermals today and it may be that this one was this years young. They feed mainly on small mammals with voles being their prefered prey but will take carrion if available._JM10232

As these birds now seem to be residents I will hopefully be able to get better shots.


  1. bettylouise31 · October 8, 2017

    Your blizzard is different from our turkey vulture.

    • spugwash · October 9, 2017

      Cause a bit of a kerfuffle if one of yours was spotted over here!!!

      • bettylouise31 · October 9, 2017

        Same here. E-bird is full of alerts and I am lucky to recognise one flying near bye. I sure I have caught glimpse of several new yard birds but my hip and leg don’t allow me to move fast enough to see them.

        • spugwash · October 9, 2017

          Always great to see something new and with the alerts at least you know what to keep an eye out for.

  2. anantha · November 3, 2017

    the last picture above is indeed a beautiful shot ….guess, no need to strive for a better one 🙂

    • spugwash · November 3, 2017

      There’s always a better shot, haha

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