My Garden Birds

My small flock of sparrows which visits the garden feeders has blossomed from 6 to over 20 regularly coming in for a feed. This is good news for a bird which has been in decline over recent years and they are regularly joined now by up to ten starlings another bird which has been suffering falls in numbers.

_X0A5284The sparrow flock was also joined recently by a summer visitor who seemed to have joined the wrong crowd. This juvenile willow warbler has been a regular visitor and always arrived with the sparrows. It’s the first one I’ve ever seen in the area as they are_X0A5263usually more of a woodland bird and we are a mile away from the nearest wood. Beautiful to see, but I do hope it remembers its not a sparrow and manages to migrate before the weather changes. The tits are starting to re-visit the feeders with coal, great and blue tits all enjoying the nuts and fat balls. Hopefully they’ll keep me entertained throughout the colder months.


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