Little Owl

I didn’t realise the until I did a bit of reading that the Little Owl isn’t a native species but was introduced into the UK in the 19th century. They are now widespread across the country and with good eyesight and patience can be spotted almost anywhere. There are a couple of pairs I know of locally and have seen the young in past years. They feed during the day making them slightly easier to spot but when sat on a drystone wall their colouring blends them in making them almost invisible.


They swoop down from elevated perches to feed on insects and worms as well as small mammals and fledglings and will stash extra food in caches for later use. Carefully scour the walls around fields and you may be lucky enough to spot one although their population has fallen over recent years. I think one of my local pairs has a nest so hopefully there’ll be a few more popping out soon.



  1. northernhermit · June 25, 2017

    Funny how difficult it can be to spot the little predator birds. I have seen many red tailed hawks, and bald eagle: but the sparrow hawk seems to elude me. The same with the owls. Plenty of sightings of barred owls, but to see a screeched is almost impossible.

    • spugwash · June 25, 2017

      Tricky little blighted,saw my first barn owl recently but photos were rubbish. And only saw first tawny a few weeks back so fingers crossed you spot yours soon.

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