If You Want People to See Your Photo’s Just Ask

I like people to see my pictures, there’s part of the reason why I blog, maintain a website and spend hours outdoors in all sorts of weather. I’ve been involved in one art project exhibition and I’ve had one of my own in the local pub. I get a buzz when people comment on them and ask me what they are or where they were taken. I particularly enjoy it when I tell them that photo was taken about a mile away or that one was taken just down the road. The look on their face when they realise what’s under their noses is fabulous.

My local Doctors surgery has had the same 8 pictures on display since God was a boy so I thought “why not ask if they’d like me to put up some wildlife pictures, no charge”. They nearly bit my hand off. So the walls are now full of hawks and otters, waxwings and kingfishers, voles and weasels, which hopefully will make the waiting patients feel a little better. So if you know of some empty walls that could use a photo or two why not ask if you could hang some pictures, what’s the worst they could say?


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