1. snapsbynina · May 22, 2016

    so fuzzy looking!! very nice

    • spugwash · May 22, 2016

      There’s 8 of them on a local lake. Stunning little fellas

  2. bettylouise31 · May 22, 2016

    I enjoyed your pictures. Did you know that the mergansers gather all the young together a d tend by a couple of females?

    • spugwash · May 22, 2016

      I’d heard that about geese but not the goosanders. Would explain the big brood and there’s usually 2 females and 1 male on this bit of the

      • bettylouise31 · May 22, 2016

        We watch the hen gather the checks to her one spring. Did some checking and found about broods brought together. I think mallards do it also. There is an old book called BIRDERS HANDBOOK that has a lot information about these facts. I suspect it out print now. It was by several people.

  3. AnnetteM · May 23, 2016

    I love the fact that you have made this black and white. It really shows off the softness of the feathers. A lovely photo.

    • spugwash · May 23, 2016

      Thank you, how Hans Christian Anderson ever thought they were ugly ducklings is beyond me!

  4. Amy · June 1, 2016

    Such a lovely capture of this cute duckling. 🙂

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