Kingfisher Update

Last weekend was the first time since the Boxing Day floods that I had managed to get down on the riverbank looking for the kingfishers. The devastation the floods caused is apparent everywhere you look. The two hundred year old bridge over to the church is damaged beyond repair and closed. All along the river bank detritus clings to branches way above my head. Plastic waste is everywhere and in one tree the complete front bumper of a car complete with number plate hangs forlornly.

Its a depressing vista and it will take awhile for Mother Nature to work her magic. The banks of the river have been stripped of vegetation and all the kingfisher perches are long washed away. The geography of the river has changed as well. Where I used to sit for hours on end now has a totally different view and the pebble beach where dippers and grey wagtails entertained me has been moved 50 yards downstream to a more inaccessible spot. It will be interesting to see how Nature moves back and what Spring will bring.

I didn’t see the kingfishers so at the moment I’m just hoping they survived the floods and will be back soon. I’m sure they will find new spots to sit and fish and hopefully their nest site survived and they can produce a new family to delight me through the year.

Hopefully the next time I blog about them there’ll be some pictures!



  1. bettylouise31 · March 4, 2016

    It is hard to look at the damage after a major disaster. Hope the birds return to an area you can watch them again.

    • spugwash · March 4, 2016

      Thank you. Nature will sort herself out eventually and the wildlife will hopefully return.

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