Some Winter Sunshine

Finally we had a proper winters day, freezing cold and lots of blue sky. The feeders at work are busy all the time now and need topping up every morning when I arrive. I have noticed there are at least two voles in the wall so I misplace a few treats for them as well (apologies for suggesting they were mice in an earlier post).

I also noticed yesterday there was a tiny shrew snaffling seeds but they are so speedy I haven’t got a shot yet….but I will. One of my favourites and now one of the smokers favourites is the long tailed tits. they are quite difficult to get shots of because they can appear “soft” in photographs but this one seems OK.





  1. AnnetteM · February 16, 2016

    Gorgeous shots of the little vole. It thought it was a mouse too until you said!

    • spugwash · February 17, 2016

      Need to get the shrews picture now

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