Car Park Feeders 2

I’m really enjoying having the feeders in the car park at work. It’s like my own private nature reserve and more and more birds seem to visit every day. Today I had 12 different types of bird pop in for a snack and as I drove into the car park I followed a great spotted woodpecker as it flew from tree to tree before grabbing a few peanuts. I haven’t got a picture of him yet but I’m sure I will sooner or later.

The smokers in the office seem to be enjoying having something to watch as they slowly kill themselves and I’m constantly being asked ” what are the little fluffy brown ones?” or “what’s the one with the red tummy that’s not a robin?”

I’m the car park Chris Packham!



  1. AnnetteM · February 4, 2016

    Is that a long-tailed tit? I have never seen one. What a good idea having feeders in your car park, so much better staring out of the window than staring at a computer screen all day.

    • spugwash · February 5, 2016

      There’s a small flock of long tailed tits which fly in have a quick snack then zoom off. They seem to treat feeders as their very own fast food outlets.

      • AnnetteM · February 5, 2016

        I find tits in general just take a quick bite and then fly off. I am not sure if it is the same ones that return a short time later or different ones. If it is the same ones I do wonder how much energy they are expending flying to a neighbouring tree where they obviously feel safer.

        • spugwash · February 5, 2016

          I agree and how come they don’t ever get a crick in their necks with all that twitching?

  2. bettylouise31 · February 4, 2016

    I have often wonder how anyone can forget the joys of nature around them.

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