You Can’t Beat a Blogger

I recently published a book and a couple of the wonderful people who read my nonsense and like my pictures bought  a copy. So thank you very much!

One blogger went beyond the call of duty though and not only bought my book and read it she even offered to correct some of the silly schoolboy errors I’d made. So this is a big thank you to Annette and if you don’t already follow her Why Not! Her blog is My Aberdeen Garden  so please have a look, I’m sure she’ll appreciate you dropping in and if you have a book that needs editing I’d highly recommend her.

This pic is just for Annette so no peaking!



  1. lachlanscamera · December 15, 2015

    congratulations, every success for the future!

  2. AnnetteM · December 16, 2015

    Thanks so much for the plug. I can certainly recommend the book to everyone – it is a great read and full of wonderful wildlife photos. Try to get it in colour though as a black and white version doesn’t do it justice.

    • spugwash · December 16, 2015

      Credit where credits due x

    • spugwash · December 16, 2015

      It’s not great on an actual kindle but if you have the app on your desktop,laptop or tablet the pics will be colour. Just in case anyone wants to buy it!!!

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