Warning Cuteness Overload

I had a day out this week and took my wife to Donna Nook to see the new born seals. I’d been last year so I knew what to expect but Mandy was blown away by the sheer number of seals almost in touching distance and the beauty of these new born pups.

I’m sure if she could she would have filled the car up with these adorable critters. She was living every moment, watching them to make sure they were breathing, checking they were near their mums and imploring the mums to feed them when they called. It was just like when our two boys were tiny.

You would have to have a heavy heart not to get swept up by nature playing out in front of you. Mums giving birth, dads fighting to father next years pups and the young just getting fat enough to survive the winter. After all the shit in Paris and other parts of the world it was brilliant to bask in the beauty of this world we try so hard to screw up!










  1. shazza · January 2

    Oh wow! Definitely a cuteness overload. πŸ™‚

    • spugwash · January 2

      Just checked and they had 2024 pups this year on the beach…Wow

  2. shazza · January 2

    Amazing. 😁

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