Self Publishing or How I became a No1 Best Selling Author!

A couple of weeks ago I published my first and probably only book. I’d decided to do it whilst sat waiting on various riverbanks for a kingfisher to allow me to take its picture! As you’ll know I’ve spent a lot of last year sat around waiting and it gave me time to think, plan and map out the journey I’d been on.

I’d done a little bit of research into self publishing and Amazon seemed simple and easy with a huge potential market to tap into. The book itself didn’t take very long to write, I had most of it already in my head and I had hundreds of pictures to use to illustrate it.

The Amazon process allows you to put the book together in a Word document, drop in your pictures and then add some simple formatting. Once you’ve done that and used a spell checker and two or three people to proof read your document you’re ready to go.

You then simply drag and drop the files to Amazon and they send you an e-mail to say your book is being prepared and should be available on the site within 72 hours. Being the impatient type I checked after an hour and there it was, ready to be bought by anyone virtually anywhere in the world.

Obviously I bought a copy straight away!

Two days later I checked to see if anyone else had bought it and imagine my excitement when displayed next to the book was the words No 1 Best Seller in Nature and Wildlife Photography!! How many had I sold? Will I regret saying all proceeds would go to the nature reserve, I could be a millionaire !!!!

A Year Looking For Kingfishers

21 Oct 2015

by Steve Midgley

Well let me tell you, it certainly doesn’t take as many books as you’d think to be a No1 Best Seller on Amazon !! But I don’t care, I’ve sold some and not all to family members, my ego’s had a boost and I’ll be able to donate some money to Cromwell Bottom nature reserve. Cartoonist, author and photographer. A job well done I say.


  1. Andy · November 10, 2015

    And Well Done I say too!

  2. bettylouise31 · November 10, 2015


  3. AnnetteM · November 11, 2015

    Well done. I wonder how many people think of writing a book and never doing it.

    • spugwash · November 11, 2015

      Isn’t everyone meant to have a novel in them?

  4. AnnetteM · November 11, 2015

    I believe they are, but goodness only knows what book I have in me! I could maybe illustrate a gardening book with photos – I wonder who I could get to write it!

  5. AnnetteM · November 12, 2015

    Yes but you are quite capable of doing your own photos! Are you itching to write another book now?

    • spugwash · November 14, 2015

      Already planning the next one

      • AnnetteM · November 14, 2015

        I have just finished your book. I really enjoyed it. Great photos,though unfortunately they were only black and white on my kindle. You have a great writing style, very easy to read. Your enthusiasm shines through and love the humour too.
        A well-deserved best seller!
        Couldn’t find a contact email on your site, could you drop me a line on mine?

        • spugwash · November 15, 2015

          So glad you liked it and thanks for your kind words. If you get the kindle app on your pc you can see the photos in colour. My email is

  6. Just Another Nature Enthusiast · November 15, 2015

    Congrats on your publishing achievement, Spugwash. And most of all… for success with photographing the speedy Kingfisher. I recently succeeded in capturing a few decent shots of one of the Belted Kingfishers that resides on a wetland area near my home. THAT is an achievement that take perseverance, and some luck. Again- congratulations! Your photos and text are beautifully done. You can feel very proud of your work.

    • spugwash · November 15, 2015

      Thanks for your lovely comments much appreciated

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