A Prize Winning Pirate Joke

As you may know I love a pirate gag and constantly wind my boys up with continually worse and worse jokes.

Well they had to take all the abuse back last week when one of my pirate jokes became a prize winning pirate joke. The local theatre were promoting an upcoming comedy gig and offered 2 tickets for the funniest joke they received via Twitter. I entered and won!

So here is my award winning Pirate joke.

Where do pirates go for their holidays

Yaaaarrrrrmouth   (for anyone not from the UK its a coastal resort, which sort of diminishes the joke when you have to explain the punch line but hey ho)

My wife thinks it was the only entry they received!!!!!!


  1. doctor dolittle · June 12, 2015

    That’s definitely my kind of joke. Well done, you!

  2. desleyjane · June 12, 2015


  3. Thumbup · June 14, 2015

    What be happenin’, Matey? Nice award winnin’ scurvy pirate joke ye got thar. Have a jolly day.

    • spugwash · June 14, 2015

      Shiver me timbers yarrrrr

      • Thumbup · June 14, 2015

        Yo ho ho ‘n a bottle ‘o spiced rum

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