Bleeding Politicians

Bit of a rant time I’m afraid!!!

What is wrong with opposition politicians. Why is it all about mud slinging and blame. Instead of moaning about the problems in the NHS why not come up with some help, some ideas, some input, rather than just bleating on about what you’ll do when you’re in power. The problem is now and if you’ve got some ideas tell the Government, help them out. You’re always going on about how it’s our National Health Service so do something, it needs help now not when or if you get elected.

And if you’re in the Goverment try listening if they make suggestions. Wouldn’t it be nice just for once to hear a politician say about an opponents idea “Actually thats a very good idea”. Just because they’re not a Tory or Labour or Liberal or even UKIP doesn’t mean that they can’t have sensible coherent ideas and arguments that might just be something you hadn’t thought of.

We’re all in this together, if you’re family needs medical treatment they need it now not in May. They’re not going to wait till you think you can change things. Nobody cares what you would have done differently because it doesn’t mean a thing.

Stop looking after number one, slinging mud and insults and get stuck in. Use your influence, use your connections and do something rather than sitting on your hands and telling everyone what a mess the Government are making of it.

You’re no better than them, you’re no help and if all you have got to say is negative then we don’t want to hear.

But just think what it will do to your election prospects if you do make a change, if you do help out or come up with great ideas and input. We’ve been kicking you since you robbed us over expenses and let the bankers rip us off and steal from us, so now’s your chance to do something to make us change our minds. At the moment we couldn’t care less who you are or what party you represent you’re all just in it for yourselves.

Be brave, stick your head above the parapet and get involved.

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