iPod Challenge Update 6

Well I managed to get through lots of the C’s on a nine hour round trip drive to London on Saturday.

Too many female singer songwriters in the mix for my liking but a few albums re-visited from years ago. It does make me wonder where some of them came from.

Miss Aguilera added some raunch, the Commitments some soul and the Coral some catchy pop.

Not too sure listening to 4 Coldplay albums one after the other is wise though after a 5am start.


  1. luckykaye · December 16, 2014

    My ipod has favourites. It doesn’t matter whether it’s on shuffle or not, on some days its determined I’m going to listen to one particular artist or other – usually some obscure one that I’d forgotten was on there!

    • spugwash · December 16, 2014

      That’s why I’m listening from start to finish from A to Z. That way no favourites and no skipping tracks. Can be hard work sometimes though Haha

      • luckykaye · December 16, 2014

        I’ve got a lot of mystery tracks, somehow a lot of Elvis has found it’s way on there. No idea how, must have shared it at some point. Not even an Elvis fan back in the day…!!

        • spugwash · December 16, 2014

          I’m worried about all the mystery tracks with no name just Track 1 Track 2. I must have uploaded them without being connected to the internet so no matching took place. Those are going to be a struggle I think and a very eclectic mix.

          • luckykaye · December 16, 2014

            Oh yeah, I’ve got lots of those. It’ll be exciting to see who they are. I wonder if you’ll get round to naming them as you go along. If you’re like me, I suspect not..! Have fun. And btw thanks for the follow.

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