A Day With The Seals

After my slight detour on the way to visit the seals and my meeting with Fran the Gyrfalcon https://spugwash.wordpress.com/2014/12/05/guess-who-went-off-the-beaten-track-again/ you’ll be glad to know I did get to see the new born seals and their parents.


Donna Nook is in Lincolnshire on the east coast and is home to a large breeding colony of grey or atlantic seals. Britain has about 40% of the worlds population of these animals and every year the cows come ashore here to give birth.


The bulls also come ashore to fight for a harem of cows and the right to breed and many show the scars of these battles which can be ferocious and bloody.


So far in this breeding season Donna Nook has had 1705 new arrivals and just before I arrived the latest had been born in the early hours.

New born and mum

New born and mum

.The pups are born with white coats and their mum will feed them for about 2 to 3 weeks then they’re on their own. The mothers milk is 60% fat so they pile on the pounds quicker than we do at Christmas. After a couple of weeks they shed the white coat and when they finally get really hungry they haul themselves out to sea and learn to fish. Meanwhile mum had mated again and after a weeks development the foetus goes into a state of suspension for about 100 days before it then starts to develop again ready to be born the following November.

They are absolutely beautiful animals and its hard to not take 100’s of photo’s. Its also really hard to select some to put on here. I hope you like some of these. After the strange birthday I had this day out and meeting these amazing animals and the falcon really made up for it.

IMG_0651IMG_0800 IMG_0655IMG_0877


  1. the Butterfly girl · December 7, 2014

    this is lovely! thank you for sharing.

    • spugwash · December 7, 2014

      No problem it was a brilliant experience

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