Kitchen Chaos

I’m not sure I want to go home tonight.

After weeks and months of beating around the bush and prevaricating about the cost we (well the wife) has decided to knock the kitchen and dining room through into one big room.

Work was due to start this morning so we’ll be living in one room, crammed in with two rooms worth of furniture until its finished. I’m guessing the cooker will be out of action so it’s microwave meals or KFC for the foreseeable future.

I’m sure there’ll be photos to follow as the work progresses.


  1. AnnetteM · December 2, 2014

    Oh dear – I don’t envy you! How long is it likely to take? One big kitchen/dining room is great though. We have that and it has always been a real family room. Dinner parties have worked well too – no-one seems to mind being in the kitchen.

    • spugwash · December 2, 2014

      No idea I’m not involved till the bill arrives

      • AnnetteM · December 2, 2014

        Probably best not to think about it as they never work to time anyway! Good luck.

        • spugwash · December 2, 2014

          Thanks, I’ll keep you updated I’m sure.

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