A Great Big Thank You

I’ve just noticed I have over 100 bloggers following me and I’ve had over 2000 views so a big sloppy kiss to all of you.

I’m sure its the pictures of cuddly dogs and jays that you really come to see rather than my inane waffling.

Thank You



  1. Mara Eastern · December 2, 2014

    Way to go 😉 *awkward cheek kiss*

    • spugwash · December 2, 2014

      Haha thanks “air kiss” back

  2. Andy · December 2, 2014

    *Strong handshake. Talks about the match.

    Just one thing-where does the blog title come from? I’m curious/nosey.

    • spugwash · December 2, 2014

      Loved the cartoon Pugwash growing up, always wanted to be a pirate and sadly its my character name from WOW

  3. gfchopstix · December 3, 2014

    Congrats! It’s definitely all the bird shots! 😛

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